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The city of Coates is located in Dakota County, west of the Upper Mississippi River in Minnesota. This tiny city was incorporated in 1953 and named after its early settler, G. A. Coates. Many people living in Coates MN work for the trucking, moving and recycling industry, and others commute to St. Paul and Minneapolis, located less than a thirty-minute drive down US 52. Coates homes and Coates real estate properties are an attractive choice for commuters and residents who want easy access to the city, but want to enjoy the benefits of the rural, suburban lifestyle.

Whether you’re looking for a spacious multi-family home, single family home, or condominium property in the Minneapolis and St. Paul suburbs, you’ll find several attractive Coates MN real estate listings to choose from.

Residents of Coates homes and real estate properties have easy access to Spring Lake, located near the Nininger Township and Grey Cloud Island Township. Minnesota lakes and parks are idyllic destinations for recreational activities year round, including picnicking, skiing, fishing, camping and hiking. Lebanon Hills Regional Park in Apple Valley, is also a short drive from Coates and is the largest park in the Dakota County park system. The park encompasses 2,000 acres of land, and features several miles of trails, outdoor sports facilities, several lakes and a visitor’s center with interactive nature displays, programs and educational courses.

Some of the popular lakes and beaches near Coates include Schulze Lake Beach, Holland Lake, and  Jensen Lake. The Lebanon Hills Regional Park is also home to a mountain bike trailhead, several picnic shelters, a ski skate trailhead, horseback riding trails and campgrounds. The Camp Sacajawea Retreat Center attracts thousands of visitors from around the Midwest and the rest of the country each year, and has also become a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Lake Bylles, located in the Randolph Township a short drive south from Coates is an attractive destination for fishing, bird watching and picnicking. Residents of Coates homes, condos and other real estate properties can enjoy easy access to this lake from US 52 S and Coates Boulevard that turns into Emery Avenue as you drive south.

Coates residents who want to enjoy the city lifestyle can drive to the heart of downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul, located less than a thirty-minute drive north. Popular attractions and recreational activities for Coates residents include Coates City Park, Southern Hills Golf Club, the Great Clips IMAX Theatre in Apple Valley, and the Rich Valley Golf Club. Coates residents are also within a short drive from the Dakota County Fairgrounds, a popular destination for community events, festivals and family-friendly activities throughout the year.

You can search for Coates MN homes, townhomes, and real estate properties using the search tool above and locate some of the latest active Coates MN MLS real estate property listing with ease. Some Coates homes, townhomes and condominium properties offer several urban-style amenities and are located within a short drive from city attractions and sites. Whether you’re a working professional, large family or retiree looking for a place to call home, Coates MN real estate may be an attractive choice for you.

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