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The city of Mendota is located in Dakota County, a small community that was founded around the same time as Fort Snelling. The town is home to the Saint Peter’s church, the oldest church in the state of Minnesota, as well as a small museum, several old houses, and buildings associated with the American Fur Company. If you’re searching for attractive Mendota MN real estate properties, use the search tool above to find the best match for your needs.

Many Mendota homes and townhomes are located near several historic sites, including the Henry Hastings Sibley House, the American Fur Company power house, the American Fur Company cold store and the Jean-Baptiste Faribault house. Sibley Memorial Highway is the major road that runs through this city, and connects the city to South Lexington Avenue and County Road 43. The city is within a short drive from Augusta Lake, Lemay Lake, the Resurrection Cemetery and Acacia Park Cemetery.

The name Mendota is a derived from the Dakota word Mdo-Te, which means “mouth of a river” or the meeting of waters. The area was first visited by French explorer Joseph Nicollet in the 1830s, and the area has a rich European trading history. Two parcels of land in this area were established as military posts in 1805 – one was located on the confluence of the St. Croix and Mississippi Rivers, while the other was located above the falls o St. Anthony and below the mouth of the St. Peters River (The Minnesota River).

Residents of Mendota homes, townhomes and other real estate properties enjoy easy access to the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area, and Pike Island Park to the north. Both of these destinations offer a wealth of activities for nature lovers, hikers, fishing enthusiasts and boaters. Rogers Lake located a short drive south of Mendota is an idyllic destination for boating, fishing, picnicking and nature walks.

Fort Snelling State Park is located less than a ten minute drive south of Mendota, near the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport. This park is another popular destination for hiking, biking and skiing, and many of the trails link to the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge and to Minnehana Park.

Mendota residents can spend their days canoeing and kayaking on Gun Club Lake, golfing at the golf course, swimming Snelling Lake or hiking around Pike Island to enjoy beautiful views of the Mississippi and Minnesota rivers. A trip to the Thomas C. Savage Visitor Center provides plenty of opportunities to learn about the wildlife and plants of the area, and also learn about military life in Fort Snelling in the 1820s.

Many historic sites around Mendota are designed to preserve and protect the Dakota culture and residents can participate in a number of special events, community gatherings and festivals throughout the year. Mendota hosts Pow Wows at various times of the year.

If you’re looking for Mendota MN real estate and want to enjoy easy access to area nature preserves, wooded areas and the airport, you’ll find several historic homes and townhomes located throughout the city. Use the Mendota MN real estate search tool above to find the best match for your needs.

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