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Located on the shores of Excelsior Bay in Hennepin County, Minnesota, the city of Excelsior is located approximately 20 minutes from downtown Minneapolis and within a short drive to Lake Minnetonka. This small city is home to a unique blend of historical buildings, specialty shops, locally-owned restaurants and a theater. The city was founded in 1853 and has served as the focal point of the South Lake Minnetonka area for several decades. The suburban community is an idyllic place to call home for residents who want to enjoy the rural lifestyle, with easy access to area lakes, recreational sites, and the city attractions.

Excelsior homes, condos and real estate properties are scattered around the downtown area, and within a short drive from the edges of the South Lake Minnetonka area. The suburban community has preserved much of its history with restored streetcars and a recently-restored steamboat on site. A museum features dozens of artifacts and photographs that tell the story of this small city’s development and growth, and also features pictures of historic Excelsior homes and real estate properties that are still in existence today.

If you’re looking for beautiful Excelsior homes, apartments, condos and other real estate properties, use the Excelsior MN MLS listing search tool above to narrow down your search. From foreclosures to custom built homes, you’ll find several attractive Excelsior real estate properties to choose from.

Residents of Excelsior homes, apartments, condos and other types of real estate properties can enjoy easy access to several recreational facilities and sites throughout the area, including a swimming beach, tennis courts, baseball diamonds, a playground and picnicking sites. The Commons in Excelsior is located at the north end of town and a popular destination to enjoy some recreational activities throughout the year.

Excelsior residents can also enjoy a number of annual events and activities throughout the year, including the Art in the Park, Fourth of July festivals, parades and live entertainment at various venues across the city. Many events and festivals are organized by the South-Lake Excelsior Area Chamber of Commerce and the Excelsior Downtown Business Group. Other popular events include Apple Day held in early September, the Crazy Days Fair & Festival held in the summer, Art on the Lake and the Arctic Fever event.

Boaters, hiking enthusiasts and adventure seekers can enjoy easy access to several lakes and regional parks when living in Excelsior. The city is within a short drive from several beautiful lakes that are well-suited for fishing, nature walks and trail walking. These include Galpin Lake, Christmas Lake, Lake Ann, Lake Lucy, and the waters around Gideon Bay, Saint Albans Bay and Excelsior Bay. The city is within a short drive from the Minnetonka Country Club, and the Lake Minnewashta Regional Park.

The city of Excelsior is easily accessible from Interstate 494 which runs to the east and connects to downtown Minneapolis, and Highway 212 which connects to Eden Prairie.

Whether you’re searching for Excelsior foreclosures, condos or single-family homes, use the Excelsior real estate search tool above to find the perfect place to call home.

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