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The small city of Greenfield is located northwest of the Twin Cities in Hennepin County, Minnesota and is served by Minnesota State Highway 55. The city was formerly a small village that encompassed a small part of Township 119, east of the Crow River. The area was once occupied by the Sioux, Chippewa and Ojibeway tribes, and attracted pioneer settlers who developed the area into a farming village. Today, you’ll find several attractive Greenfield homes and real estate properties scattered throughout the rural area.

The city was once home to an old post office, mill, a hotel, a general store, and boasted a thriving commercial district. The commercial activity eventually migrated to the Rockford, and the area resumed its agricultural and farming activities. The small community continues to be an attractive destination for residents looking for the rural lifestyle, and has also served as a vacation destination for city residents who want to break away from the metropolis.

Many Greenfield real estate properties are located in the residential areas around Lake Sarah, and many seasonal cabins have been converted into year-round homes. Greenfield residents can enjoy easy access to several lakes, beaches and resort areas scattered throughout the region, and many homes are spaced far apart with acres of farmland in between, offering a tranquil, secluded setting.

The city of Greenfield is located within a short drive from several parks, recreational sites and lakes including the Lake Rebecca Park Reserve, Lake Independence, Robina Lake and the smaller lakes of Hafften Lake, Schendel Lake and Schwappauff Lake. County Road 50 connects the city to other major county highways and roads, and the city is within a short drive from the intersection of Highway 12 and Interstate 494 to the east.

Residents of Greenfield enjoy a slow-paced, suburban lifestyle and have easy access to several recreational areas to enjoy the best of the great outdoors. Popular activities for residents of Greenfield homes, apartments and other real estate properties include hiking, ice fishing, nature walks, boating, canoeing and winter activities. The city is located near several snowmobiling trails and campgrounds that offer many options for enjoying the scenic hills, woods and other natural sites during the winter season.

Whether you’re a family looking for the best of rural living, a retiree looking for a  quiet and peaceful place to call home, or a working professional who wants to enjoy the comforts of suburban living with easy access to the Twin Cities, the city of Greenfield may be an idyllic destination to settle in. Use the Greenfield real estate search tool above to find the latest property listings that best meet your needs, budget and personal tastes.

The Greenfield MLS listing tool above can help you narrow down your search of active Greenfield listings and connect you with an experienced and knowledgeable Greenfield real estate agent who can guide you through the search process. Living in Greenfield MN offers a number of benefits for those looking for a quiet setting and the suburban lifestyle. Use the search tool above to find the property that best meets your needs.

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