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Located on the western edge of the Twin Cities metro area, the city of Hanover is a small community that lies in Wright County and a portion of Hennepin County. The city is home to three progressive restaurant establishments that serve as some of the major employers in the city. Residents of Hanover homes, apartments and other real estate properties can enjoy access to several historic sites throughout the area, and a number of recreational activities throughout the year.

The city of Hanover was once a thriving milling center, and home to a wagon shop, a hardware store, a saw mill, and a blacksmith shop. Many of the historic homes in Hanover were built over the bridge that crossed over the Crow River. The Village of Hanover was incorporated in 1891, and the city grew to a population of just under 2,700.

Residents of Hanover homes, apartment and real estate properties can enjoy a number of recreational activities around the Crow River, including picnicking, camping, fishing and nature walking. The City Hall in Hanover is a popular destination for community meetings and local events. The venue serves as a rental facility fo Hanover residents, and is located near Settlers Park, a popular destination for family event. Settlers Park in Hanover has a playground, volleyball courts, horseshoe pits and several grills and tables.

Hanover is also home to several other scenic parks with playgrounds and recreational amenities. Bridgeview Park is located in the Bridges at Hanover neighborhood, home to several beautiful Hanover real estate properties. The park links to a trail that wraps around the neighborhood, and is an idyllic destination for biking, walking and jogging. Other parks in the city include Mallard’s Landing and Cardinal Circle Park. Some have ball fields, a picnic area, a soccer field, a basketball court and a gazebo.

The city of Hanover is located a short drive from the Crow Hassan Park Reserve, which is surrounded by numerous lakes and ponds, including Sylvan Lake, Henry Lake and Lake Wilhelm. These lakes are popular destinations for boating, fishing and wildlife viewing throughout the year.

Residents of Hanover homes, townhomes and real estate properties have easy access to Interstate 94 to the east which connects to downtown Minneapolis. Minneapolis is located about a 45-minute drive from Hanover, so many residents who work in the city can enjoy easy access to the office and city sites while living in the quiet suburbs of Hanover.

If you’re looking for a home in a secluded, wooded setting and want to enjoy easy access to the Twin Cities, Hanover may be an idyllic destination to call home. The city of Hanover is an attractive destination for nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts and working professionals who want to commute back and forth to Minneapolis and St. Paul.

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