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The city of Maple Plain is located approximately 25 miles west of Minneapolis and is named after the abundance of sugar maples in the forests covering the city. The area city is located near Lake Independence to the north, and offers a number of recreational and outdoor activities for residents. Residents of Maple Plain homes, townhomes and real estate properties can enjoy the small town atmosphere and easy access to the sites and attractions in the Twin Cities.

Many Maple Plain houses, townhomes, condos and apartments are located around the historic railroad that runs through Maple Plain, and are nestled in the rolling hills and forests around the city. The rolling hills, green meadows, farms and lakes comprise many acres of land in Maple Plain, and the family-friendly community is interconnected by clean highways and roadways that connect the city to nearby towns, and to the Interstate.

A number of Maple Plain residents own businesses and farmland in the city, while others commute back and forth to the Twin Cities and other cities for work or school. The black, fertile soil of the Maple Plain area is historically among the richest in the nation, and has accommodate for a number of plants, trees, and crops. Fall season in Maple Plain is a real treat, as the abundance of majestic maples, oak trees, ironwood  and basswood trees turn different colors. The woods in Maple Plain are estimated to have been approximately one hundred miles long and about forty miles wide.

Many residents of Maple Plain homes and real estate properties have the luxury of enjoying berry hunting during the Fall season, and can catch some of the area’s native wildlife throughout the year. Many animals, including black bear, raccoon, beaver, mink and deer reside in the forests in Maple Plain, and the area has become a popular destination for Canada goose hunting and turkey hunting.

The city of Maple Plain is located within a short drive from several beautiful lakes, including Lake Independence, Katrina Lake and the resort area of Lake Minnetonka to the south.  Smaller lakes to the north, including Halfmoon Lake, Spurzem Lake and Lake Sarah provide ample fishing and boating opportunities. Golfers can enjoy easy access to area golf courses, including the Baker National Golf Course, the Burl Oaks Golf Club and the Lakeview Golf Course.

Many Maple Plain homes and real estate properties are located within a short drive from Highway 12 which connects the city to several county roads, and also links to Interstate 494 to the east. A short drive south on Highway 12 takes residents to Minnetonka Beach and the Lake Minnetonka resort area, a popular destination for swimming, lake cruises, nature walking and sunning on the beach.

Whether you’re looking for Maple Plain MN real estate for a long-term residence, or a vacation home near the beautiful Lake Minnetonka, us the Maple Plain MN real estate search tool above to find the perfect match for your needs and budget. Using the Maple Plain real estate search tool will help you see the latest active listings and connect you with an experienced Maple Plain real estate professional.

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