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Minnetonka Beach is located in the heart of the Lake Minnetonka resort area, a popular destination for Minnesotans looking for a  break away from the city and travelers from around the globe. Many Minnetonka Beach homes, condos and real estate properties are vacation homes or second homes, but the area also caters to a number of permanent residents who want to enjoy the recreational sites around the area, and have easy access to surrounding towns and cities.

A number of Minnetonka Beach homes, townhomes and other real estate properties are located on the waterfront, facing Lafayette Bay and Smith Bay. The shores are within a short boat ride to big Island Regional Park, and boating enthusiasts can enjoy easy access to surrounding lakes and bays, including Echo Bay, Lower Lake and Gideon Bay to the south.

Residents of Minnetonka Beach real estate properties can also enjoy easy access to several beautiful parks, country clubs and golf courses in the area. The city is located a short drive from the Lafayette Country Club, Noerenberg Memorial County Park and the Woodhill Country Club. Minnetonka Beach residents have the luxury of enjoying several water activities each season. Summer is the perfect season for swimming, fishing, boating and lake cruises. Winter is  the season for snowmobiling, ice fishing and trekking around the trails.

Minnetonka Beach is historically known as “The Beach” to local residents, and records of early settlers date back to early 1855. The site was originally chosen to be the site for the Great Northern Railroad’s summer resort, the Hotel Lafayette. Since then, Minnetonka Beach has grown into a residential and vacation town, and the boot-shaped peninsula is an idyllic destination for watersport enthusiasts, special events and community activities.

Some of the most popular attractions that cater to Minnetonka Beach residents, include Big Island Regional Park in Wayzata, located less than a mile southeast of the beach, the Lake Minnetonka Fishing post, and the Old Log Theater in Excelsior, located less than 2.5 miles away from the shores. Resdients of Minnetonka Beach homes, townhomes and real estate properties can enjoy easy access to Highway 12 to the north which connects to Interstate 494, one of the easiest routes to the Twin Cities.

Whether you’re looking for a vacation home in the Lake Minnetonka resort area or want to enjoy the resort lifestyle with easy access to the Twin Cities, Minnetonka Beach may be the perfect location to call home. Use the Minnetonka Beach MLS search tool above to find the best apartment, townhome, house or other real estate properties that best meet your needs.

The Minnetonka Beach MN MLS search tool will help you find the latest active listings, and can connect you with Minnetonka Beach real estate agents in your area. Many Minnetonka Beach real estate properties cater to the needs of retirees, vacationers, working professionals and families looking for an escape from the city and those who want to enjoy the leisurely, resort lifestyle in Hennepin County. Use the Minnetonka Beach home search above to find the perfect match for your needs and budget.

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