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The city of St. Anthony is located on the first-ring suburbs of Minneapolis and is located just five miles northeast of the downtown Minneapolis area, and eight miles northwest of downtown St. Paul. Many residents of St. Anthony commute to the Twin Cities for work or school, and enjoy living in this small community to enjoy the benefits of suburban lifestyle, with easy access to Twin Cities attractions, dining, entertainment and the business district.

If you’re searching for a St. Anthony MN home, apartment or other real estate properties, use the search tool above to find the best match for your needs and budget. The St. Anthony MN MLS search tool can connect you with an experienced real estate agent and help you find an attractive St. Anthony real estate property that meets your needs.

The city of St. Anthony began as a small village, and has maintained its small-village atmosphere to this day. The city is located near the beautiful Silver Lake, and is home to a highly distinguished K-12 school district. It is also boasts an abundance of parks, bike trails and recreational areas, providing a wealth of options and activities for residents who enjoy the great outdoors.

Silver Lake is one of the most picturesque lakes in the region, and many community events and festivals take place around the lake throughout the year. Other attractive lakes located within a short drive from the city include Lake Johanna to the northeast, Lake Owasso to the east, Lake Josephine near the Northwestern College Minnesota Campus, and Hart Lake to the north.

Residents of St. Anthony homes, apartments and other real estate properties can enjoy easy access to Interstate 35W which connects to Interstate 694 and runs through Minneapolis and Saint Paul. The Gross Golf Course and the Columbia Golf Course nearby offer several amenities and options for golf enthusiasts, and residents can enjoy shopping at the Rosedale Center nearby.

One of the primary benefits of living in St. Anthony is the abundance of parks scattered around the city. St. Anthony is surrounded by Windom Park, Audubon Park, Water Park and Central School Park. All of these parks are idyllic destinations for picnicking, nature walks, outdoor sports and just relaxing on the weekend. The city is also a short drive from the Northeast Athletic Field, a popular destination for sporting events and other community activities.

Whether you’re looking for a St. Anthony home, condo, apartment or other real estate property, you’ll find several attractive options scattered throughout this historic city. Use the St. Anthony MN real estate search tool above to find the best real estate property that meets your needs and budget.

. If you’re looking for a small-town atmosphere and want easy access to the Twin Cities and metropolitan area, St. Anthony may be the idyllic destination to call home. The St. Anthony real estate search tool can connect you with local real estate agents and experienced realtors in the area, and help you find the perfect house, apartment or condo for your needs.

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