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Spring Park is a small city located in Hennepin County, Minnesota and has grown to become an attractive suburban community for families, students, retirees and working professionals who want to enjoy a family-friendly atmosphere with easy access to the Twin Cities. The city is located in the heart of the Lake Minnetonka resort area, and surrounded by several bays and smaller lakes. It’s an attractive destination for beach-goers, nature lovers and campers who want to enjoy waterfront activities year round.

Several Spring Park homes, condos, apartments and other real estate properties are located right on the waterfront, and offer scenic views of the lake and bays. Others are located near the downtown area, and offer easy access to city municipal buildings, businesses and the school district. The city of Spring Park once served as the center of Native American ceremonial grounds, and is now home to several historic houses, old cottages and historic hotels.

Many of the old Native American mounds have been demolished to make way for new construction of Spring Park houses, apartments and townhomes. The city is divided into several family-friendly neighborhoods and communities, and features two city parks that cater to all residents. Thompson Park features a play structure, a basketball court, baseball field and tennis courts. Wilkes Park features a merry-go-round, picnic tables and BBQ grills.

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In addition to having easy access to area lakes and ponds, residents of Spring Park houses and real estate properties can enjoy easy access to the Burl Oaks Golf Club, the Lakeview Golf Course, and the Red Oak Golf Course. The Lafayette Country Club is located a short drive east of the downtown area, and is easily accessible from Shoreline Drive that runs all the way through Spring Park.

In addition to the waterfront activities and sites around Lake Minnetonka to the south, residents of Spring Park can enjoy watersports, fishing, hiking and wildlife viewing activities at area lakes including Forest Lake, Long Lake, Katrina Lake, Langdon Lake and Dutch Lake. Lake Waconia is located a short drive southwest of Spring Park, and is located next to the Waconia State Wildlife Management Area. This lake and the nature preserve are idyllic destinations for wildlife viewing, picnicking and nature walks.

Many Spring Park homes and real estate properties are well-suited for retirees, vacationers, working professionals and large families who want to enjoy easy access to area recreational sites and to the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

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