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If you want to live in an environment that promotes a healthy lifestyle, Champlin, Minnesota is worth taking a closer look into when searching for homes for sale. Finding a community that is as fun and active as what may be found Champlin, Minnesota is hard to do, and it all adds up to good clean fun. Live the good life in Champlin, Minnesota. Take the time to know why you should buy one of the homes for sale in Champlin, Minnesota.

The people of Champlin, Minnesota frequently dine out, watch movies, love listen to music like jazz, and even get to attend ballets like “Swan Lake”. Wherever your interest lies, there is something there for you to do. The good people of Champlin, Minnesota, even include doing volunteer works as part of their must-do activities. If you want to have a home in a good environment, where the people get involved in cultural pursuits, and if you want to be able to spend quality time doing things that are worth your while, take a closer look at the homes for sale in Champlin.

Enjoy the fun of filling up your brown woven baskets to the brim with the most delicious and mouthwatering apples. There are numerous Apple Picking Orchards and Apple Farms in Champlin, Minnesota. Be one with nature in your choice of the forest foliage hotspots. If you like the outdoors, take a stroll in one of the area parks, or even get to bring your pet dog along to the nice dog parks in the area. Animal lovers will love the dog parks in Champlin, Minnesota. There are a lot of places and parks that cater to outdoor fun in Champlin, Minnesota. If you are into sports activities, you can go to many sporting recreation centers to play tennis or baseball, or even have a couple of rounds of golf.

The city of Champlin is estimated to have 24,000 residents. Champlin, Minnesota, was initially settled after Father Louis Hennepin, the namesake of Hennepin County in which Champlin is located, who was captured by the Sioux Indians along with Michael Accult and Peter Dulay. Eventually an Indian trading post was established in Marshall Township, which in 1859 was split into the towns of Dayton and Champlin. The city of Champlin is named after Commodore Stephen Champlin, active in the war against Canada & England in 1812 and in establishing the border between the US and Canada. Champlin itself, is a smaller city in the Northwest corner of the Twin Cities Metropolitan area. It measures 8.8 square miles, .6 miles of which is composed of water forms.

Champlin is surrounded by Maple Grove, Dayton, Anoka, Coon Rapids, and Brooklyn Park. Residents have a reputation of staying in their home longer, statistically speaking, the average age in Champlin is younger than its neighboring cities. The Northeastern angular border of Champlin follows the great Mississippi River and along it, West River Road. A main thoroughfare is Highway 169, running North South through the center of the city. For travel East and West of Champlin, Highway 10 North of the city and 610 South of it.

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