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Chisago County, Minnesota, is a beautiful place to live in or to build a second home, vacation home, or retirement home. Chisago County, Minnesota, is most known for its strong Swedish heritage and its numerous wonderful recreational lakes. These lakes and the many others in Chisago County, Minnesota, are some of the more popular tourist destinations. It is the perfect hide-away and get-away resort destinations for many people from all the cities and counties in Minnesota, and from all the other states.

If you are the kind of person who wants to enjoy fresh and unpolluted air, a relaxing atmosphere, and be surrounded by nature, Chisago County, Minnesota may be the ideal place for you to build your home or to buy a second home. A family will truly benefit from the peace and quiet that can be found in Chisago County, Minnesota. To live permanently or just stay for a while in Chisago County, Minnesota, with hundreds of lakes, parks and protected natural areas is one of the best ways to retire, get away from it all, and avoid the stress of city life. Find a dream home in Chisago County, Minnesota with the use of the Minnesota MLS Listings.

As soon as summertime comes in, boaters and other water sports enthusiasts, fishermen and the like flock in, to spend an enjoyable, fun-filled and relaxing vacation in Chisago County, Minnesota. A winter favorite sport in the lakes of Chisago County, Minnesota is ice fishing. Among the wonderful natural attractions in Chisago County, Minnesota is the Saint Croix National Scenic Riverway, which follows the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin. This place is Chisago County is a highly popular destination for hunters, boaters, fisherman, and campers alike, who come from all parts of the country. The residents of Chisago County and of the other counties and cities in Minnesota spend a lot of their relaxation and recreation time in this area. Taylor Falls is part of this well-known and protected riverway, and is also another of the major tourist destinations in Chisago County, Minnesota. The Taylor Falls area has developed from a simple camping and recreation destination to now include full tours, a sculpture garden, canoe rentals, boat cruises and charters, and strawberry picking. The Folsom House Museum can also be found in the area of Taylor Falls, Minnesota.

Chisago County, Minnesota is bordered on the south by Washington County, MN, on the east by Polk County, Wisconsin, northeast by Burnett County, Wisconsin, on its northern border Pine County, MN, Northwest by Kanabec County, MN, West by Isanti County, MN and Southwest by Anoka County, MN. The county seat of Chisago County, Minnesota is Center City. Chisago County, MN is located North-Northeast of the Twin Cities Metropolitan area. It is at the Northeastern most part of the 11-county Metropolitan area of Minnesota. You can get access to the Chisago County area from the Twin Cities via North-South running Interstate 25. Also servicing Chisago County are U.S. Highway 8 and U.S. Highway 61, as well as Minnesota State Highways 95, 243 and 361.

Chisago County numerous natural lakes include the following: Alexis Lake, Amiks Pond, Ashton Lake, Asp Lake, Birch Lake, Bloom Lake, Chain Lake, the well known Chisago Lake, Colby Lake, Coleen Lake, Comfort Lake, Duck Lake, First Lake, Fish Lake, Fourth Lake, Goose Lake, Green Lake, Hawkinson Lake, Heims Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Ice Lake, Johnson Lake, Jonason Lake, Kroon Lake, Lake Ellen, Lake Emily, Lake Martha, Lake Mattson, Leech Lake, Linn Lake, Little Comfort Lake, Little Green Lake, Little Horseshoe Lake, Little Lake, Long Lake, Mandall Lake, Moody Lake, Mud Lake, Neander Lake, North Central Lake, North Lindstrom Lake, North Pool, Ogren Lake, Pearson Lake, Peterson Lake, Pine Lake, Pioneer Lake, Rat Lake, Robour Lake, Round Lake, Rush Lake, Sam Lake, School Lake, Second Lake, South Center Lake, South Lindstrom Lake, Spider Lake, Stauffer Lake, Sunrise Lake, Swamp Lake, Third Lake, Trulson Lake, Vibo Lake Wallmark Lake, White Stone Lake, and Wyckstrom Lake.

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