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Wayzata is one of the most ideal places to buy any of the Minnesota homes for sale because of its natural setting, exceptional location and proximity to major cities, quality shops and restaurants, alluring neighborhoods, and affluent community. Wayzata is a lakeside community and is known as ‘the jewel of Lake Minnetonka’. Most of the Wayzata MN homes for sale have beautiful lakefront views. There are a profusion of various recreational activites like sailing and fishing that can be enjoyed in Wayzata MN.

Wayzata MN downtown has many first-class shops and restaurants that serve the needs of the community. There are numerous beautiful single family homes and lake homes in Wayzata MN. Attractions are varied and are mostly centered on the lake and the glorious past of Wayzata MN. The Wayzata Depot, near the shore of Lake Minnetonka, will surely delight train enthusiasts and historians alike.

Take a ride on Steamboat Minnehaha, built in 1906 and restored in 1996. After which, take a ride on the Towne Trolley to enjoy the beautiful parks and gardens of Wayzata MN. Go watch a few theater shows in Minnetonka Center for the Arts. Climb up the hill to browse at the great Wayzata Library to be able to enjoy a scenic lake view through its glass walls while in this fantastic library.

Wayzata MN is a city in Hennepin County with a rich and colorful history. The name of the city is derived from the Sioux Indian’s word “Waziyata” meaning “Northern God” or “Northern Shore”. The Mdewakanton Dakota tribe was the native settlers of the land when in 1803, France claimed its territory and sold it as part of the “Louisiana Agreement” to the United States.

In 1852 when the first two pioneer families settled in the Wayzata MN area. After three years, settlers began to populate the Wayzata MN region and these settlers initially built a blacksmith shop, hotel and sawmill. Steamboats plying on Lake Minnetonka soon brought tourists into the locale. Wayzata MN was then considered as a resort destination. Commercial activities in Wayzata MN increased yet again in 1867, when the St. Paul and Pacific Railroad, which is the Burlington Northern-Sante Fe of today, connected its tracks to the town.

The resort era of Wayzata MN reached its height during the 1890s when newer resort destinations opened and the nation was hit with a depression. However, the Wayzata MN community is considered as the gateway to Lake Minnetonka, through Wayzata Beach and Bay, and it still drew crowds for water activities, particularly in the 1920s during the motor-boating craze.

The connection of Wayzata MN with US Route 12 and other developments in later years, lead to the modernization of the community into a city. Today, Wayzata MN real estate is considered as an affluent southwestern suburb of the Twin Cities metropolitan area. The downtown Wayzata MN area has several exclusive condominiums and townhomes and it is perfect for an executive office with a scenic view of the lake.

There are 22 neighborhoods in Wayzata MN: Bay Pointe On Mooney Lake Neighborhood, Birchwood Neighborhood, Breconwood Neighborhood, Chelsea Woods Association, Churchill Farms Neighborhood, Cimarron East Neighborhood, Fagerness Point, Friends of Parker Lake Neighborhood, Hawthorne Ponds Neighborhood, Kingswood Farm, HOA, Inc., Mapledell Neighborhood, Oakwood Hills Neighborhood, Parkers Lake Neighborhood, Parkview Neighborhood, Promenade at Parkers Lake Neighborhood, Shenandoah Neighborhood, Steeplechase Neighborhood, Sugar Maples Neighborhood, Tiberton Condo Neighborhood, Troy Lane Neighborhood, Uplands at Parkers Lake Neighborhood, and Wayzata Villa Neighborhood.

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