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Minnesota lake homes are nationally renowned. The state itself is actually known as the Land of 10,000 lakes, but if we define a lake as a body of water 10 acres in size or more (that’s roughly 40,000 square meters), Minnesota actually has closer to 12,000 lakes, which means lots of MN lake property! That’s more shoreline than Florida, California and Hawaii combined. Much of these lakes were formed as the last ice age hosted glaciers moving back and forth across the state.
In fact in areas where there are multiple lakes in one area or many lakes in a row is often where there was the end of an ice sheet as the glacier receded, leaving an abundance of lakeshore in Minnesota.

So if you’re someone who is looking for lakeshore property & cabins in MN, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. When searching for Minnesota lake property, first it will be necessary to determine if you will be using boats, jet skis and other water sports equipment. If so, you will obviously have a preference for lake homes for sale that have deeded access or direct access to the water, and recreational lakes or private lakes that are of a suitable size for these activities. Once that is determined, you may want your lakeshore property to be within a certain distance of the Twin Cities, or the Duluth airport, or other key locations for the purpose of transportation. Next you will determine your ideal price range and the usage for your new lake property. For a year round home you will most likely have a higher budget than someone looking for smaller multi-use cabins. Year round homes also typically have more premium amenities, more square footage and more garage space than the seasonal lakeshore cabins would feature.

Now that you’ve determined this information, you’re ready to search the MLS for lakeshore for sale. Enter that data plus any other preferences you may have for the most precise lakeshore realty search.
The more detailed you can be, the more accurate your search will be and the fewer lakeshore properties you will have to weed through. If you are not yet certain what you like, enter the parameters you do know, and begin shopping a broad search until you begin to become familiar with what it is you really desire. Once you find some Minnesota lake lots or lakeshore homes that really suit your needs, take some time to view listings in person. Simply book a showing online and an agent will accommodate your needs.

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