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MN Condos & Lofts

Condos in Minnesota come in about as wide a variety as anywhere else in the nation. We have high rises, low rises, lofts and co-ops. There are also manors and villages, converted mansions, and two unit condos.

For most people, when we say condos Minneapolis, they think a large building that looks like apartments, but are owner occupied. Well, those are an option, but that’s only a part of what’s available out there. It is true, Minneapolis condos lofts and co-ops are often that style, but certainly not the rule and vary significantly by area. For example condos for sale in the warehouse district, are almost entirely lofts. This is probably obvious by the name, but that is simply because they are mostly converted warehouses which naturally make great lofts.

Whatever your preference of condos in Minnesota, there’s sure to be one to please you. You can literally find any price range and a wide variety of square footage, etc. For example, you can find condos for sale well under $100,000, especially the senior living facilities (usually 55+), and you can find condos for well into the $1,000,000 plus range. Condos at the low end may even be studio condos (no bedroom separated by a door), or smaller 1 bedroom condos with less than traditional square footage – as low as 300-400 square feet, about the size of a standard hotel room. Comparatively, condos for sale in MN can have square footage comparable to that of a single family home with literally thousands of square feet and 5 or more bedrooms.

If you are ready to search for condos in Minnesota, get on to the MLS and type in your criteria. All active condos for sale will be available to browse. Type in your search criteria, location and price range. If you’re finding too few condos for sale in your range, try broadening the search criteria. If your search reveals too many condos for sale, try narrowing your search criteria a bit to view and compare a few at a time. If you need help or are having trouble searching, just contact a local Realtor by phone or email and they can help you.

Often they have access to additional search criteria that are not available on the public MLS search. For example, Realtors have the ability to search by school district, by zip code, or even by range of association fees.

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