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Our team of over 40 licensed professionals are here to assist you with all of your Minnesota real estate buying/selling needs. We recognize that not everyone is the same – and we’re committed to connecting you with just the right expert to help you reach your own personal goals.

For immediate assistance (or to see a property in person) call 612-644-5380. You can also send us a general email – or contact any of the experts listed below.

Which Category Best Describes You?

Short Sales – if you are in danger of foreclosing, banks require you to have a 3 party negotiating on your behalf. For a Realtor that is a short-sale-specialist email: [email protected]

Foreclosures – if you’re an investor shopping for fix & flips, or homebuyer looking to build some equity, you’ll need an agent familiar with dealing with banks. For a foreclosure specialist email: [email protected]

First Time Homebuyers – as a first time homebuyer, you have unique programs, benefits and financing available to you. For assistance from experts in this area, send questions to – email: [email protected]

Investment Property – investors need Realtors not only to shop properties, but to help advise on repairs, city codes, and getting it rented. For an investment property specialist, write to: [email protected]

Relocation – Shopping remotely for a new home has its own unique set of challenges. Whether you need a Realtor to do previews for you or take a local friend, contact a relocation expert at: [email protected]

Downsizers/Empty Nesters – When all the kids are grown and gone, you’ll have the unique opportunity to cut down on unneeded space that takes up more mortgage and utilities to maintain than is necessary. To speak with a downsizing expert, write to: [email protected]

Move Ups – Whether you’re experiencing a growing family or just need a little more space, moving up and expanding can require special negotiations including requesting furniture be left with the house and other unique details. For a move up specialist email: [email protected]

Commercial/Industrial – Minnesota commercial real estate has its own unique set of paperwork and negotiations. You’ll need a commercial-specialist to navigate you through the financial, tax, city and county information. To get in touch with a commercial specialist, contact: [email protected]

Lakeshore Property – Easements and negotiating personal-property such as furniture, boats and docks are common with lake homes. It’s best to have an agent familiar with these techniques to best represent you. For a lakeshore specialist, email: [email protected]

Agricultural – Typically outbuildings and equipment become part of the real estate negotiation with agricultural property. Protect yourself and your assets by getting an agent familiar with agricultural property deals. Contact an agricultural specialist at: [email protected]

Auction Properties – These properties can be difficult to get communications, or simply complicated to make offers on. Realtors that have experience with auction properties can be a valuable asset to you. For an auction specialist, email: [email protected]

International – Are you deployed overseas or living abroad, but wanting to buy something here in Minnesota? We have agents that specialize in helping with your unique situations. For a agent specializing in international clients contact: [email protected]

Land Only – Shopping for and purchasing land involves more than buying a regular city lot. There are utility, well, septic, land locking, easement and buildability issues that will come up. To speak with a land-only expert email: [email protected]

Buy Homes MN