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The Benefits Of Home-Made Cleaning

Doing your own household products means saving money while respecting the environment. DIY is very rewarding, you learn to clean up with tips and simple tips. Knowing the best homemade household product recipes will allow you to complete your spring cleaning much faster. For a household ecological and very effective, the DIY is the best solution. But why are we almost never using toxic products in housekeeping recipes?

The harmful impacts of toxic substances on health are still too little known. The vast majority of commercially available cleaning products contain substances that are hazardous to health. Exposure to some of these common products can trigger pathologies and allergies, especially related to the respiratory tract. Chemicals are expensive and harmful to your health, so why continue?

Homemade household products are much more respectful of our health, as these household recipes are made from ecological and biodegradable products. Lemon juice, white vinegar, sparkling water, baking soda, organic dishwashing liquid, black soap, home maintenance is healthier with natural products.

What can be cleaned by doing our household products?

The bath, the shower, the toilet, the floors and the clothes are the elements that take the most time to clean. Tartar in the bowl, mold on joints, dirt on floors, stains on clothes, many natural products will help you overcome all these chores.

Clean, descale, degrease, unclog, disinfect … With DIY tips to make your household products, you can do everything! Clean the windows, do the laundry, fight against bad smells with a deodorant home, you act effectively for all the daily household chores. There is no need for a product for every use, as most of the cleaning products that are made at home are multi-purpose. Room by room, get ready to move on in your big house.

Some more Tips:

How to remove a stain of fat on a garment? (Oil, butter, sauce, bike fat).

It’s extremely simple and the result is guaranteed! And it works on almost all spots …

Pour a few pure drops of “hand dish” product directly onto the fat stain. Make penetrate the liquid in the tissue with your finger by applying for a few seconds circular movements, as for a massage, until obtaining a small white foam (the product must penetrate the fibers). As the dishwashing product is a very effective degreaser, it will prevent the stain from becoming embedded in the textile fibers.

Then add your clothes to your next washing machine. If the dish product has dried when making your machine, it does not matter at all, the water will remove it, with the stain.

Good to know  : The faster the stain is treated, the better the result will be.

And while traveling, plan a small vial of dishwashing product that you can take everywhere with you.