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What does your living room look like? Soon a mess ? With these seven tips, you give your interior a new, luxurious look!

  1. Move …

To give everything a fresh look, it is smart to remove all your accessories, books, flower vases, etc. from all horizontal surfaces in sight . From the side table to bookcase. Empty it. Have you collected everything around you? Then open the cupboards to see what else you have. Give everything a new place. Put away the rest.

  1. cleaning company scottsdaleMake an impact!

Luxury interiors with a beautiful appearance often have one or a few large items. So: Rather a few large items than several small accessories. Consider sorting all books by color, choose a beautiful vase and let it stand out by keeping everything around it empty. Etcetera.

  1. Fewer flowers?

Yes. Fewer flowers. Rather a few beautiful picked flowers than a large, expensive bunch from the local florist. Walk around in your garden; there is probably something in between.

  1. Clean up!

Empty your kitchen counter. Store all those bottles of olive oil and never put them on the hood again. Everything that remains because you use it daily can be nicely decorated on a plate or tray.

luxurious appearance starts with other flowers

  1. Turn your coffee table into an eye-catcher.

Without doing anything at the coffee table itself, you can easily make an eye catcher from your coffee table. A coffee table book does a lot. Don’t you have that? Then select a stack of books that are beautiful and interesting. Or a nice interesting vase with a single flower in it. Perhaps on a nice plateau. With a few beautiful candles. Whether they are expensive or coming from the Xenos doesn’t matter much.

6. Your sofa off the wall!

I can’t say it often enough: Keep that couch slightly away from the wall. No, your house doesn’t seem smaller — just a luxurious, spatial appearance. And on the couch, it gets cozier because you are less lost. This is something that every interior designer agrees on. Almost always that bank of the wall. How much? That can be 10 cm. But sometimes a meter or even two is better.

created a luxurious look with the sofa separate from the wall and a few nice items on the coffee table

  1. High curtains.

I often see the curtain rail in people just above the window. If you want to make your house look bigger, it is better to have curtains up to the ceiling instead of the sofa against the wall. Are your curtains still good? Throwing away is, of course, a waste. You can also have a strip at the bottom on the curtains. Preferably a large strip of, for example, a meter high.

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