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The Benefits Of Home-Made Cleaning

Doing your own household products means saving money while respecting the environment. DIY is very rewarding, you learn to clean up with tips and simple tips. Knowing the best homemade household product recipes will allow you to complete your spring cleaning much faster. For a household ecological and very effective, the DIY is the best solution. But why are we almost never using toxic products in housekeeping recipes?

The harmful impacts of toxic substances on health are still too little known. The vast majority of commercially available cleaning products contain substances that are hazardous to health. Exposure to some of these common products can trigger pathologies and allergies, especially related to the respiratory tract. Chemicals are expensive and harmful to your health, so why continue?

Homemade household products are much more respectful of our health, as these household recipes are made from ecological and biodegradable products. Lemon juice, white vinegar, sparkling water, baking soda, organic dishwashing liquid, black soap, home maintenance is healthier with natural products.

What can be cleaned by doing our household products?

The bath, the shower, the toilet, the floors and the clothes are the elements that take the most time to clean. Tartar in the bowl, mold on joints, dirt on floors, stains on clothes, many natural products will help you overcome all these chores.

Clean, descale, degrease, unclog, disinfect … With DIY tips to make your household products, you can do everything! Clean the windows, do the laundry, fight against bad smells with a deodorant home, you act effectively for all the daily household chores. There is no need for a product for every use, as most of the cleaning products that are made at home are multi-purpose. Room by room, get ready to move on in your big house.

Some more Tips:

How to remove a stain of fat on a garment? (Oil, butter, sauce, bike fat).

It’s extremely simple and the result is guaranteed! And it works on almost all spots …

Pour a few pure drops of “hand dish” product directly onto the fat stain. Make penetrate the liquid in the tissue with your finger by applying for a few seconds circular movements, as for a massage, until obtaining a small white foam (the product must penetrate the fibers). As the dishwashing product is a very effective degreaser, it will prevent the stain from becoming embedded in the textile fibers.

Then add your clothes to your next washing machine. If the dish product has dried when making your machine, it does not matter at all, the water will remove it, with the stain.

Good to know  : The faster the stain is treated, the better the result will be.

And while traveling, plan a small vial of dishwashing product that you can take everywhere with you.

Doubts, Fears, And Problems When Making A House

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You and your partner have decided to make a house for you. You are very eager to start the whole process, but …  a lot of doubts run through your body.

These doubts turn into fears when you see what is coming on you. You want to do things right from the start, but the world of construction is a swampy terrain unknown to you.

Do not worry.

In this article, I explain to you the doubts, the fears and the problems that people had who, like you, one day set out to make their home. And, of course, how to avoid them.

Also, as “extra content,” at the end of the post, I leave the video of an interview I did to my friend Esther, two years after making her home.

What are the steps to build a house? Where do i begin?

The first thing that comes to mind is the idea itself to make you a house. It is possible that you have land so that “problem” you have solved.

With the land and the desire, you should visit banks to get an idea of ​​how much money you can / will have.

Once you know your spending limit, you have to go to an Architecture Studio. There they will inform you about what can be done on your land and what maximum area the house can occupy, taking into account your budget. There are also specialized technicians who carry out this work. Without going any further, I am a Surveyor (or Technical Architect), and I carry out Economic Feasibility Studies to my potential clients completely free of charge.

With the Project made by the Architect, it is time to look for a Surveyor  – perhaps you will have already counted on him to advise you during the development of the Project (two Technicians always contribute more ideas and knowledge than just one) -.

With the three previous “ingredients,” we will request the Municipal Work License in the Town Hall. Once granted, you must choose the Construction Company that will execute the work according to the project and with the supervision of Rigger and Architect. The Rigger will also be in charge of Health and Safety Coordination.

With the work executed, Rigger and Architect issue the End of Work Certificate, which will be endorsed by the Official Associations of both Technicians.

The previous Certificate will be essential for the City Council to issue the First Occupancy License of the home.

The penultimate step will be to go to the Notary. This, with all the documentation provided, certifies that there is now a house where before there was only one plot of land.

And finally, you must go to the Land Registry, where the house will legally come alive.


How Much Cost Would Be Involved To Build A House?

Although it depended on many factors, for single-family homes of natural qualities and located in Galicia, I usually handle ratios of:

Price of the Material Execution (the work itself), from 900 € / m2 built

Total final cost (in addition to the previous PEM, includes licenses, technicians, VAT, hooks …), about € 1300 / m2 made

I explain it more in detail in this section of this other article.

How Many Square Meters Of Housing Will We Need To Meet The Needs Of Our Family?

This doubt is quite common but very easy to solve. The Architect that you hire will do a project according to your needs and tastes.

Contract A Single Construction Company Or Several?

If you are wondering this surely, it is because you have heard that with the second option you will save a lot of money. It is not true. At least not at all.

Yes, there will be games in which you save a lot of money, even in some you will be over 20%. But … at the expense of what? At the cost of multiplying the probability of problems.

There are items outside the bulk of the work that you can hire other companies without just “risk”. I speak of items such as installations or interior carpentry. However, having one company for the roof, another for the structure, another for the partition … is to have the desire to look for problems.

The day there is a humidity, for example, everyone will blame themselves and no one will solve the problem. And that has no economic value.

If you know of a specialized company that you especially like, ask the main company to subcontract it. If it really works well in quality and price, it will not put you in trouble. Obviously it will increase the price, because the main company could respond with its own insurance of its defects, but it will be worth it.

Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy And Home Automation How To Decide Which Options To Use?

If this is the first time you go through this Blog, I tell you from now: For me, energy efficiency is non-negotiable. The more efficient our housing, the better. Elements such as thermal insulation, very good quality windows and very efficient boilers are my premises to make a house in conditions.

The use of renewable energies is already stipulated in the Spanish regulations (Technical Building Code). The CTE determines a percentage of ACS that must be satisfied with clean energy. From there, the initial financial outlay must be adjusted with the monthly amortization. The best thing for these cases is to talk with an installation company specialized in the subject and to shed light on the possibilities and costs.

Home automation is also recommended for both comfort and energy savings. For example: having the windows configured so that they are lowered at nightfall or opened by solar radiation, will save us heating. Like the previous point, the ideal will be to speak with a company specialized in the matter (and if it is the same as the previous installation company, better than better).


Tips to Help you Get Top Dollar When You Sell

Many people buy their first home thinking that they will live there forever, but now the time has come to sell and move on to something better.  You love your house, you poured your heart and soul into making your home the perfect space for you.  When it comes to selling you have to put all of that emotion aside and get objective about your home.  Here are some tips to help you get top dollar when you sell.

Find a Great Real Estate Agent

A realtor can make all the difference in the world when it comes to getting the best price.  At the same time be cautious and interview more than one realtor.  Be wary of over the top promises and lots industry jargon.  Always be comfortable with the person you are going to work with, they need to have a good marketing plan in place for selling your home.

Get an Unbiased Opinion

As a homeowner it is really hard to be objective about your own home and you’re going to need an unbiased opinion on what it will take to sell your house quickly.  Listen to the advice of your realtor, they do this for a living.  The milestones that you have celebrated in your home are important to you but maybe not so much to a potential buyer.  Your realtor can help direct you on what it will take to make your home appeal to the broadest spectrum of buyers.

Finish any Unfinished Projects

Do you have any half painted rooms or shelves that need repainting?  It is time to finally take care of that list of repairs that you’d get to “one of these days”.  Whether it is a leaky faucet in the upstairs bathroom or a broken tile in the kitchen it all needs to be fixed.  You need to go through your home room by room and make a list of the repairs and get them done.  Bring in a handyman if you need to but don’t give a potential buyer a reason to pass.  Here are repairs you need to make before you sell.

Set Your Price

The price you get will depend on a variety of market conditions, but one of the best ways to price your home is to look at what similar homes in your neighborhood are selling for.  Now you need to objectively compare your home to the competition.  This is once again where you put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer and ask what you would be willing to pay for your home.

Some Things You Need to Know About Buying Multifamily Property

Real estate can be a great investment tool, either as your primary residence, an investment property or a combination of the two.  But you never go into a real estate transaction blind or without being prepared there is far too much money on the line.  For the sake of example, you want your property to be both your home and an income property, buying a multifamily home will suit your needs.  Before you call a real estate agent here are some things you need to know about buying a multifamily property.

The Price

Before you start looking at properties you need to understand the finances and if you are buying for investment purposes only financing can be difficult and expensive to secure.  When it comes to multifamily your lender will want to see what the rental income is going to be so don’t take on more than you can afford.

The Taxes

When you are figuring out things like expenses and cash flow then don’t forget to factor in the taxes, bear in mind as well that taxes go up every year and never down.

The Carrying Costs

Factor in everything relating to the monthly costs and not just the mortgage payment.  You will also have to pay things like insurance, interest, utilities, taxes and you will want to set aside some money every month for repairs that will eventually come up.

The Maintenance

Always get an inspection done before you buy.  You need to know what needs to be fixed right now along with repairs you can expect to make in the next few years.  You want to know things like how old the electrical, the plumbing, water heaters and furnaces.  All of those things need to be kept in good running order and up to modern building codes.   Make a list of necessary repairs and things that will need to be fixed soon.  You want to create a realistic schedule of getting all of the necessary work done.

The Income

When you buy rental property it is with the intention of making a return on your investment, so making good decisions is critical.  The most common mistake new investors make is to overestimate the amount of money they’re going to make.  You want to create positive cash flow, where more money comes in than goes out.  Bear in mind that tenants move in and out all the time so only calculate 10 months’ worth of rent when figuring out the annual income.